A global supplier committed
to tropical wood

In respect of the forests

As a forest concessionaire in the northern Republic of Congo, Codexo supplies sustainably sourced quality wood worldwide. Our company takes pride in contributing to the management and preservation of biodiversity and various tropical wood species. Climate change compels us to safeguard our resources and select the finest wood for our operations, without harming the forest ecosystem. We operate in accordance with responsible practices and adhere to a strict traceability chain.

A variety of high-quality tropical woods

Our forest is rich in various African wood species (Sipo, Kosipo, Wenge, Tali, Azobé, Iroko, Padouk…). These high-quality, aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and long-lasting wood varieties bring unmatched character, natural beauty, and longevity to any wood industry project.

Extensive sawing and drying capacities

With a factory located in the Makoua area in the northern Republic of Congo, Codexo can fulfill your orders for exotic wood.

Our control over the logistics chain, from wood cutting to delivery, enables us to be responsive and meet demand precisely.

We have three production lines with an annual sawing capacity of 120,000 m3, as well as 1,250 m3 of drying capacity.

Codexo employs an experienced team that handles cutting-edge tools with care, ensuring high-quality results in line with the latest standards. We have been operational since 15 October 2023.

A log yard with a capacity of 15,000 m3 continuously supplies our production lines, giving Codexo a significant advantage in terms of access to raw materials.

Long-lasting relationships

Mirroring the care the company takes in managing its forests and the quality of the wood harvested, Codexo believes in lasting relationships. We share with our customers the same values of success, reliability, and trust. We believe that it is possible to combine high-quality work with respect for people and the environment.

We are dedicated to putting our professionalism, commitment, and expertise at the service of our clients.

A sustainable future takes root in our Congolese forests

Codexo – Your quality wood supplier